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Storm Damage

When storms move through, snow, tree limbs, wind, hail, ice and heavy rain can cause damage to your roof. The Tulsa area sees these elements nearly every year leaving homeowners and businesses to secure repairs.

The signs of damage vary by the elements. Common issues to look for include:

Hail: All hail can be damaging, but hail stones larger than ½” in diameter to around ¾” have the potential to damage roofs, so scheduling a professional inspection is essential. A few indications are loss of granules and discolored spots. There is not always a pattern of damage. Depending on other factors such as the wind during a hail storm, you may also see dents in the flashing, vents and exhaust caps.

Wind: In severe cases, wind can take the shingles right off the roof, exposing the materials underneath and leaving your home unprotected. Wind can also lift, stress or crack shingles, causing more subtle damage that could go unnoticed to the untrained eye and without repair, ultimately resulting in a leaky roof.

Snow Load: Snow load can be dangerous, putting extra weight on the roof and can lead to a collapse of a section. Dips in the root ridge or valley, may be indications of cracked rafters.

After a storm, there are a few steps to take for your roof:

Take an Initial Evaluation of Your Property

Some damage such as missing shingles can be obvious to see. Other damage may not be as obvious but can still result in problems over time. You can walk around your home to visually check for signs of damage on the roof and also on the ground. In case of heavy rains, you may also start to see leaks inside the home.

Schedule an Inspection with a Local Tulsa-Area Roofer

After a storm, many out of town companies come through looking to quickly make repairs. The downside of using an unknown contractor is that when the work is done they may leave. In the Tulsa area Dan’s Roofing has decades of experience helping homeowners evaluate and repair storm damage.

Metal Roofing

Stone coated steel shingles give you the look of high-end, with the lifetime durability and strength of stone coated steel. 


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