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4 Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing

August 31, 2015

While metal roofing used to have a distinctive appearance that stood out from other materials, new product lines have a more mainstream look to them. You could even have neighbors who have chosen to enhance their home with a metal option, and you would not even know unless they told you. If course, over time as their roof is replaced less frequency you will notice a difference!

On both replacement roofing for existing homes and new construction projects, calling in a professional Tulsa roofing contractor can help you explore all the options on the market. If metal roofing was not a material you have not previously considered for your Tulsa area home, take the time to learn about all of the benefits.

Nearly Unmatched Durability

Traditional roofs can often quickly be destroyed during extreme weather, causing homeowners and their insurance company to cover repairs or replacement. In comparison, metal roofs offer more resistance to wind, fire and the elements. Like any material you choose, take the necessary time to learn about the warranty.

Desirable Appearance

Vertical seams are commonly identified metal roofing Tulsa choices, but other styles are manufactured to provide an appearance similar to slate, clay tiles, wood shake or traditional shingles. This variety of choices allows these styles to be a welcome addition to nearly any home.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The professional Tulsa roofing contractor on your project should be able to suggest ways to increase your energy efficiency with the installation of metal roofing. Do your research as well since the level of efficiency varies with each product.

Protection for Your Long Term Investment

The investment you make now can be key in reducing future costs, when you consider that it can be estimated that asphalt shingles will need to be replaced 2-4 times during the span of a metal roof. Also factor in that it reflects less maintenance over that time.

Many homeowners remain focused on which material they need, but working with a professional Tulsa roofing contractor can ensure whatever products you decide on are properly installed. Dan's Roofing, Inc., a local company that has been serving the Tulsa area since 1989, provides access to top local suppliers to get the best materials.

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