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Considerations that will help you choose the perfect roof color for your home

June 28, 2018

Your roof is not just there to prote ct you against the elements, it also adds to your home’s classy appearance. With this in mind, homeowners have quite the hard time choosing what roofing color to pick. The roof also serves to increase your home’s value so it is not just a case of aesthetics. It will actually weigh in on the asking price when you sell your home. As a roofing expert Tulsa residents look to for good advice, we have compiled a number of reasons you should think a little harder about the color you settle on for your roof;

  1. Paint colors go well with the right roofing material

    You have to be sure which colors blend well with your home’s design. Most of all you have to ensure that your color choice blends with the type of roofing material you are using. When it comes to metal roofing Tulsa, residents can go for whatever color they like. Metal roofing easily blends with the rest of the house with a large spectrum of colors coming of just fine. There is a simple way to solve the problem if you intend to use another type of roofing material. Take all the samples you like and compare them while holding them next to the roof. It helps to give you a clear vision of what the roof will look like once everything is complete. You should remember that the colors you choose might look different at different times of the day as the sun hits them.

  2. Some colors offer energy efficiency

    There are too many appliances in the home nowadays to overlook any energy concerns. Homeowners often meet the small requirements that keep their homes running at a lower cost. Well, your choice of roofing color can also save you money that would otherwise go to the light bill. Bright colors are known to reflect light while darker hues absorb it. This simple fact can account for temperature differences of up to 10 degrees. Grays and brown don’t have much of a difference; they will both absorb heat and keep it inside especially for asphalt shingles. Bright colors on the other hand will help you keep your home cooler during the hot summer months.

  3. Roofing color should match the shutters

    In this case, you may want to start by picking shutter color first.  Once you have a color for the shutters, then you can easily pick a color for the roof that matches them. This is mostly a concern for homes with brightly colored shutters that stand out. Matching your shutters to the roof is one way to salvage a home whose shutters differ too noticeably with the siding. It brings everything together so that the whole design looks just right. Homeowners with a variegated roof can also match one of the colors to that of the shutters.

  4. Keep everything simple

Your home is okay without the “wow” factor that some homeowners want for their house. Subtlety is one of the main factors that improve a home’s appearance. You don’t need wild colors on your roof which you only get tired of after a while.

A roofing project is not one to undo so easily after you are done. It is a permanent project that will remind you of your roofing errors for years to come. As a roofing contractor for both residential and commercial roofing Tulsa, residents can count on us to help them make the right decision when it’s time for a new roof. Reach out to us to get the best services in Tulsa on a free quote.


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