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Factors that impact negatively on the lifespan of your roof

December 18, 2017

Every home is bound to experience some sort of roofing problems somewhere down the line. Your roof should offer protection against the elements and pest infestations as well as proper insulation for decades before it needs a retouch. Homeowners looking to replace a worn-out roof or install a new one need to know what could go wrong for whatever kind of roofing they choose. In this piece, we shall focus on the various structural aspects about your roof that could cut down its lifespan sooner than  expected;

Poor ventilation

Your roof should be able to cope with moisture build-up during the summer months and ice dams during the colder months of the year. It should be able to handle moist and warm air going out of the home and bring in fresh air at the same time. Every homeowner should look out for this feature. You should also probe your contractor on the kind of ventilation system they intend to install on your roof. Knowing what their plan is should help you make an informed decision on which roofing contractor to pick as you replace or install a new roof on your house.

Improper flashing

There are contractors that think that chimney flashing is merely a design aspect that has no bearing on the functionality of your roof. Such contractors will go ahead to use caulk as sealant, which breaks up over time and allows water in through the flashing. One of the best ways to waterproof your chimney is combining counter flashing with step flashing. The technique works equally well for walls and skylights. This method of sealing takes too much work and is why a contractor would opt to cut corners while working on your roof. Find out what type of chimney flashing the contractor intends to use because inferior work will only cost you more money in repairs over time.

Using second-rate materials

When choosing a roofing contractor Tulsa, homeowners have to be sure they land  a professional who is not skimping on materials at their expense. Skimping on materials may lower the initial costs but it will rake in the repair costs over time since such materials are prone to damage. Since it is a long-term investment, the roofing on your home or commercial space should receive the best materials within your budget. Look for the best deals that combine aesthetic appeal with functionality and longer service. Find out what materials your contractor intends to use so that you know they are not skimping on the sealants, leak barriers and such.

Slapdash installation

When it comes to metal roofing Tulsa, residents need to ensure that their roofs are properly installed. It is important that you get a roofing contractor who is acquainted with the materials you intend to use. This way, your contractor knows what to look out for in terms of leaks, ventilation, and deck protection.  

We have been in the roof installation business for a long time and are well versed in all types of repairs and roof installations. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need some work done on your roof.

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