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Metal Roofing Offers More than Just Durability

February 04, 2016

While more homeowners are asking about the durability metal roofing offers for increased resistance to wind, fire and the elements, there are other benefits to consider. You will also want to think about the aesthetic value and the return on the investment you are making – now and for the long term. Some factors to consider include:

Options as attractive as they are durable

If your opinion of Tulsa metal roofing includes vertical seams, take the time to learn about newer options on the market.  Some of these other styles are manufactured to provide an appearance similar to clay tiles, wood shake, slate or traditional shingles. With so many aesthetic possibilities, metal roofing is now a more attractive option than ever before for nearly any style of home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

One value of working with a professional Tulsa roofing contractor is their knowledge of ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency by installing metal roofing compared to most other materials. There is a lot to learn about your roofing choices, so take the time to ask questions and also do your research as well since the level of efficiency varies with each product.

Protection for Your Long Term Investment

It is often estimated that asphalt shingles will need to be replaced 2-4 times in the same time frame that a metal roof should last. Not only is replacement cost a factor, but the ongoing maintenance should be compared for materials you are thinking about for your Tulsa area home. It is important to note for any material you choose to take the necessary time to learn about the warranty.

While there is a lot of information out there about roofing products for your home, working with a professional Tulsa roofing contractor can ensure whatever products you decide on are properly installed. Beyond materials, it is important to make sure all aspects of the project are handled properly, including any venting concerns and an inspection of the roof decking.

Whether or not metal roofing was not a material you’ve previously considered for your Tulsa area home, now is a good time to learn more about the products on the market today. If you are ready to explore the options, contact Dan's Roofing, Inc., a local company that has been serving the Tulsa area since 1989.