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Practical ideas for a rooftop garden

November 20, 2017

A rooftop garden is a great way to enlarge the livable space in your home and though it seems like an idea fetched out of a gaudy lifestyle magazine, it is actually quite practical. In large cities where there is little or no plant life, rooftop gardens offer a well-deserved escape. In such areas it is a sanctuary complete with a chaise lounge.

Forget about the ideas of grandiosity that will cost you a fortune. You can have a quaint small space above you home that didn’t take much to create but offers all the comforts of a proper rooftop garden. Here are some ideas that will help you create a quaint rooftop garden;

Use succulents that don’t need a lot of water

This is particularly for those who don’t want a rooftop garden that will take them a lot of time to maintain. Succulents store a lot of water in their stems and leaves and should work just fine for the water-conscious home owner. There literally hundreds of species of succulent plants that also add an exotic look to the garden thanks to the beautiful colors. Mixing up a few colors will also attract interest to the garden and you can choose from soft yellows, deep purples, silvery blues and brilliant greens.

Plant some aromatics

The point of a greenery above your home is to have a place you can relax and clear your head. Being around green, flowery plants has the effect of lifting your mood and even spurring productivity. Flowery plants add beauty to the garden and it’s just therapeutic if they are fragrant too. Add some olfactory pleasure by planting ambrosial plants and be sure to pick those that go together, for instance, basil and mint which have the same soil, moisture and sunlight exposure requirements.

Use a design that will make the garden look fuller

There are design tricks that make your small space look larger than it is. One way to make a small roof top garden look bigger is hanging mirrors at plant height that make it seem like the garden has more foliage or that is spans farther. You could also paint decks, walls and trellises green which will make the space seem fuller. Hanging gardens are also great for intensifying the lush appearance of your garden. These look great when they are overflowing with plant life. In case hanging gardens are not an option, you could also go for climbing vines and flowers. They also function as a blank wall.

Add some functionality

Sure, rooftop walls are mainly grown for relaxing and enjoying some fun time, but it’s not such a bad idea to have some edibles growing. From edible flowers to herbs, vegetables and fruits, there is nothing you can’t try for some palate-pleasing foliage.

Any rooftop garden project will need the input of a roofing contractor Tulsa because there are construction codes to be followed. You can’t trust any contractor to go up on your roofing and therefore should take time to find someone with prior experience and good track record. Feel free to contact us for anything to do with your roofing Tulsa project as we are one of the most trusted roofing contractors and will get the job done to your satisfaction.


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