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Why is my roof falling apart?

May 28, 2019


Have you been wondering why your roofing system seems to be deteriorating by the day? When shingles keep falling off your roof or the roof leaks during every rainy season, then you are in some trouble. If you have noticed any of these signs, consider finding out if one or more of these reasons could be the problem;

  1. Poor roofing Installation

    Your roof may begin to fall apart prematurely. This could mean it was improperly installed or poor-quality roofing materials were used. The installation company could have also had unprofessional staff who made installation errors. Proper installation should involve a clean deck, meaning old shingles should be completely removed before installing new roofing materials. To avoid long-term problems do not heed advice from roofing contractors Tulsa telling you to stack new material on old.

  2. Age

    Consider how long you roofing system has served you. Some roofing systems are designed to give your home cover for a few years. It may take more or less than 10 years for the shingles on your roof to crumble depending on the type.  Shingles that have served their time will go through curling, buckling or shrinking.

  3. Poor ventilation.

    Ventilation in the attic spaces is necessary for the well-being of your roofing system. Ensure venting has been checked and well installed whenever you add a new roof to your home.  The importance of proper ventilation is that it prevents the damming of melted snow, keeping the roof cool. Too much moisture from a home that’s not properly ventilated can rot your roofing material. Use affordable products such as eave and ridge vents.

  4. Lack of underlayment

    It is advisable to spend additional resources on a water-resistant material over your roof deck. Your roofing system may deteriorate due to lack of protection against snow, ice or rain. Houses with premium waterproof underlayment are help a great deal during the winter season.

  5. Harsh weather

    Weather plays an important role in your roofing system. Both severe rain and sun can have a negative impact on your roof. During heavy rains, you may experience blocked gutters that result from a mix of debris and immense rain which leads to leaking. On the other hand, harsh wind storms may tear off shingles. Constantly check your shingles to ensure they are all intact after severe storms. If you take note of any missing shingles, contact a professional Tula roofer immediately.

  6. Lack of constant maintenance

Your roofing system maybe falling apart because you chose to ignore minor repairs that need immediate fixing. It is advisable to fix clogged gutters and missing shingles as soon as you notice them.


To ensure your OK roofing system is in perfect condition and does not fall apart before its time, be sure to contact our team. Whether you need a new roof installed or are just looking for repairs, we got you covered!







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