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What details should a roofing estimate contain?

December 21, 2018

Metal roofing Tulsa is becoming quite the trend. A lot of people in the area are revamping their roofing systems in a bid to add that extra bit of gloss to things. This surge in demand for metal roofing designs has led to a wild search for roofers who are good at this craft. While this is good news for roofers, it puts the customers in a bind, making it hard to land the right professional for their needs. This is why you need to be extra careful when looking for someone to install your metal roof. Go through the options at your disposal and do your due diligence.

After a long and hard search for the right roofing contractor Tulsa, you are ready to get things going. However, your roofer first needs you to furnish you with a roofing estimate. This helps you understand the scope of the project in front of you (how detailed it is and how long it may take) and more importantly, what it is going to cost. Only then can you put your budget in order and get started. Your estimate needs to cover key areas in order to fully put you in the loop, and below are some of the things you should expect to see;


Whether we are talking residential or commercial roofing Tulsa, you need to know all the materials that go into your project; after all, you are the one to pay for everything in the end! The list needs to be very precise and right down to the smallest odds and ends.  The best way for your roofer to do it is sent you a digital proposal that specifies all the manufacturers of the materials and provides the links to their websites.

License, permit, and insurance

Most states require that contractors obtain permits to put up new roofs. Before you choose to go ahead with the project, make sure that your expert of choice has the right licenses and insurance to help them obtain a building permit for your project. Some homeowners decide to obtain the permit on their own, and that is a mistake because it’s not really their job. Licenses and insurance need to be in the estimate report because they guarantee quality and safe results.

Project Summary

A summary goes over the most important aspects of a project. It lets you know that the contractor you hired actually know what needs to be done and how to go about it. It establishes their understanding of the intricacies of the roofing process. Be sure to pore over the details and see to it the client does not veer away from any earlier discussions you might have had. A good summary puts you on the same page with your roofer and avoids chaos and confusion.

Payment Terms

The estimate should clearly state how much the contractor expects to be paid, how staggered the payments are supposed to be (3 deposits at various stages of the project in most cases) and what mode of payment is most convenient to them.

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