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Which roofing material lasts the longest?

April 28, 2019


There are a number of factors that determine the lifespan of your roof. The first is environmental and climatic conditions, roof design, quality of the material and proper application. When replacing your roof, you should think about the type of material you intend to use and what the environmental implications are. Planning before you start the actual work will allow you to choose something that fits your environment and does not hut your pocket either.

One of the ways in which the climate of the area affects your roof has to be the way heat and coldaffect the durability of your roof. In a commercial setting or in areas with industries, the chemicals from the fumes can degrade a lot of the materials we use for roofing faster than the elements.

The building’s design also plays into the lifespan of the roof. The flat roofs that you will mostly find in commercial areas have a very short lifespan. This is mostly due to the type of material there is than anything else. The most common options include BUR, Foam, or Single-Ply and these can last for about 25-30 years. This is about half the service a residential home gets from a slate or metal roof.

Two other important factors that influence how long your roof serves you are installation and the type of material used. The best materials are no good if not properly installed and the best workmanship will not keep a low-quality roof from failing when the time comes.

Newer products are hitting the market now, such as coatings and impact resistant polymers which increase the lifespan of your typical roof much longer than before. Today, roofs typically give about 20 years of service, but of coursethis can increase as you upgrade to better materials.

Averagelifespan of most roofing materials:

  • Slate: 50+ years
  • Wood Shake: 14-20 years
  • Foam: 25+ years
  • Asphalt Shingle: 10-30 years (normally 20 years on average)
  • Built-up (BUR): 25-30 years
  • Metal/ Steel: 50+years
  • Tile/concrete: 50+ years
  • Single-Ply: 30+ years

Maintenance also counts in keeping the roof in good condition

If your roof receives the maintenance and careit deserves, then it should last much longer than you expected. Replacing the roof is not a cheap affair and can set you back hundreds of     dollars, thousands even. You need to have your roof inspected every year so that any problems with its integrity are identified as soon as possible. Whether planning for residential or commercial roofing Tulsa, residents can always call upon our services to help them check their roofs at any time.

When it comes to roofing Tulsa, locals may be tempted to replace their roof with a cheaper option, especially when faced with an immediate need. We are here to make sure you don’t get the wrong materials for your home. Reach out to us and let us know what type of roofing services you need. Our seasoned and professional contractors will make sure you get the best in the market. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you a free quote for your roofing needs.

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Which roofing material lasts the longest?

There are a number of factors that determine the lifespan of your roof. The first is environmental and climatic conditions, roof design, quality of...


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