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Sampling the Benefits of a Well-installed Metal Roof

June 29, 2019

Metal roofs may seem to be expensive for most homeowners. Many of them opt to go for cheaper roofing systems like the asphalt shingles. Although that is still a viable option, the benefits of installing a metal roof far outweigh those of going for cheap asphalt shingles. Before settling for a certain roofing Tulsa system, how about you check out the advantages of a metal roof? Extremely long-lasting If you choose a metal roof for your... Continue Reading

How to protect your roof from snow and ice

March 30, 2019

Preventing and removing ice dams helps protect your home’s roof from excess snow and ice buildup. Even when you have winterized your home, snow and ice will still form on the edges of your roof. If left unchecked, the melting ice water will find its way into your house, causing a lot of damage. Do not wait until water leaks in your home; a little preventive maintenance can go a long way in keeping ice and snow from forming on your roof. He... Continue Reading

Why are metal roofs becoming so popular?

March 10, 2019

Are you a big enthusiast of metal roofing Tulsa? Are you curious as to why more people are opting for metal roofing? You’re absolutely not alone. With so many options out there, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to making the right roofing decision for your unique home. It is therefore important to understand why choosing metal roofing may be a great choice. Metal roofs offer different benefits ranging from value to, beauty, sustainabi... Continue Reading

Reasons why metal roofs are environmentally friendly

February 20, 2019

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing mankind today. Summits are held each year In a bid to find ways in which the world can minimize waste and save the environment we live in. There are different ways the environment can be saved, and you can start by switching to metal roofs. Metal roofing materials are among the eco-friendliest roofing materials in the market. There are numerous reasons why they are preferred by environmentalis... Continue Reading

Advantages of using metal roofing

February 04, 2019

Metal roofing Tulsa is often overlooked, mostly because of its initial cost. Buying and installing metal roofs may be expensive but if you compare the service rendered and the benefits, it comes off as service for your money. There are a number of benefits to using metal roofing for your home or commercial premises. Here is a rundown; It lasts long Metal roofs have a life expectancy of 40-70 plus years, depending on the material used. This mea... Continue Reading

The Dangers of Winter Weather to Your Roof

January 02, 2016

While winter weather can create a beautiful backdrop for the holiday season, there are many dangers created this time of year. Many people think about sidewalks and driveways, but there are potential problems at the top of your home as well. The build-up of ice and snow on a roof can exert a vertical load, causing sagging or even the roof to fall. If you have concerns about your roof’s ability to battle the elements, contact a Tulsa Roofer ... Continue Reading

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Sampling the Benefits of a Well-installed Metal Roof

Metal roofs may seem to be expensive for most homeowners. Many of them opt to go for cheaper roofing systems like the asphalt shingles. Although that ...

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