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The Dangers of Winter Weather to Your Roof

January 02, 2016
While winter weather can create a beautiful backdrop for the holiday season, there are many dangers created this time of year. Many people think about sidewalks and driveways, but there are potential problems at the top of your home as well. The build-up of ice and snow on a roof can exert a vertical load, causing sagging or even the roof to fall. If you have concerns about your roof’s ability to battle the elements, contact a Tulsa Roofer for an inspection.

Even if your roof and decking are fine to withstand the weight, one issue some homeowners face are ice dams which prevent melting snow from draining off the roof properly. If there is too much water backing up, this can result into leaks inside the home. In the event you have a leak, take extreme caution in assessing the situation. A professional Tulsa roofer can help you identify the root of the issue. The state of the ground can present a hazard in getting the equipment up to properly inspect.

The shingles and other roofing products you choose will be essential in keeping your home protected for the long term. When you talk to a roofer about a new roof for your Tulsa home, think about each season and the elements associated. If you had not previously thought about metal roofing for your home, take the time to learn about benefits over other materials which can help protect your home in more extreme elements. 

Metal roofing can be considerably more effective in preventing ice jams from forming. You should also ask Tulsa roofer you are working with about the difference in energy efficiency from each option you are thinking about installing.

For roofing concerns in the Tulsa area, contact Dan’s Roofing. Locally-owned, the owner is on site at each job and provides access to top quality materials. When you think about the long term investment in a roof, you want the best products and installation to protect your home now and for years to come. Every season presents its own challenges, so make sure your roof is ready. 

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