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What to do if your roof leaks during storms

May 25, 2018

Sometimes, we tend to forget that our roofs need to be maintained from time to time. As a result, the rains might catch us by surprise, leaking into the house through worn areas. This may quickly turn into an emergency, especially if the leak is major. The bad news is, even the smallest of leaks can let water down the roof and into the house. Before contacting a roofer for help, here are some of the measures that you can take against a leaki... Continue Reading

Flat and Pitched Roofing; differences, and factors to consider when making a choice

May 15, 2018

Before you even think of changing your roof, buying a new house or roofing your newly built house, it is always important to consider the roofing system that perfectly meets your needs. A building’s roofing system is equally as influential as any other element, since it complements the overall outlook and determines how the house is protected from harsh weather conditions. Flat roofs are mostly used in commercial buildings, while pitched ... Continue Reading

Will you get insurance cover for your leaking roof?

April 26, 2018

When there is damage on your roof, you might need to call your insurance to decide whether you are suited for coverage. Leaking roof damage may or may not be part of the damage you can ask cover for. As your chosen professionals for residential and commercial roofing Tulsa, we can help you in finding out whether your leakage damage is worth filing a claim for. Here are some queries you need to know about before filing an insurance claim; Is the ... Continue Reading

Why you should always let a professional work on the gutters

April 10, 2018

It may seem simple to install gutters but the truth is it isn’t. Gutter installation is one of those projects that seem like it can be done in an hour until you start the work and realize it is not so easy. As a matter of fact, installing the gutters by yourself may expose you to injury. When it comes to metal roofing Tulsa, residents should stay away from the roof and get professional help. Correct gut... Continue Reading

Combining home improvement projects for the savings

March 27, 2018

In recent times, we have become accustomed to bundling things together. This is mostly because it makes sense to take a vacation package that includes accommodation, holiday itinerary and caters for your flight as well. It is all about cost cutting and saving up whenever we can. Since bundling up things in packages makes so much sense in other areas of living, why not bring the same to home improvement projects? There are some of those that yo... Continue Reading

Why you should use blown-in insulation in your home

March 12, 2018

Any homeowner will tell you that you don’t just pick anything when it comes to home improvement projects. You always want the best since anything less could have you doing the same repairs in a much smaller span of time than you anticipated. This is the same thing that happens with attic insulation. As one of their trusted roofing contractor Tulsa, residents know we always prefer blown-in insulation to any other type of insulation. It i... Continue Reading

How to clean mold from your shingles

February 25, 2018

Asphalt shingle roofs tend to develop some ugly streaks which discolor the roof and make the house seem like an old dump. In some cases, the dark streaks are said to be caused by dirt accumulation, mold and mildew or defective shingles. One of the most common causes, however, is blue-green algae. Their scientific name is Gloeocapsa Magma. Blue-green algae spread through airborne spores. The algae do not cause any damage on the roof but they do ... Continue Reading

How do you know whether your roof’s ventilation needs an upgrade?

February 10, 2018

Your home is not comfortable enough if it doesn’t have the right ventilation. The flow of air around your home makes it a comfy place to be but you could easily be dealing with a condensation problem without it. In the hot months of the year, good ventilation keeps the house cool despite the heat outside. It helps to bring down utility bills and also prolongs your roof’s shelf life. Ventilation also has an important role to play wh... Continue Reading

What you need to know about fires and your roof

January 20, 2018

We do a lot to ensure safety in our homes. Alarms and alerts of all kinds sound off the instance something goes wrong. While all this keeps us safer, it always pays to know more about your safety. In this case, we are talking about your home’s protection against residential fires. This may seem far-fetched, but your roof is one section of the house that could quickly spread the damaging flames to other areas of the house. However, your ... Continue Reading

What does a storm do to your roof?

January 12, 2018

It doesn’t matter how strong and sturdy your roof is; a storm can undo everything in a matter of minutes. A doppler radar might inform you of an impending storm, what it won’t do though is tell you how much damage you should be prepared for. Even though storms have the potential to leave you literally without a roof over your head , it might also be minor damages that could be undone with a little DIY knowledge. So what damage ca... Continue Reading

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